Friday, January 17, 2020

Change Is Never Painful

Change is the natural state of being. It is the single constant in the universe. If you are living, you are changing, continually, even from one moment to the next. You are not the same person when you lay down at night as you were when you woke in the morning, and you likely didn't even notice the change. You almost certainly didn't notice as it was happening. It is not change that causes us discomfort. We never even notice most of the change around us until long after it has occurred. What bothers us, instead, is when we fight against change, when we try to hold the universe in place against all laws of reality. The way of life is change, and the way of being alive is to be changing. Keep learning, keep growing, and keep changing. That way you will keep living, and you will find the changes far less uncomfortable.

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