Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween 2016

It's that time of year again when the ghosts and goblins are wandering the night in search of treats. There will also be children. I kid, of course, but it's a time for kids and a time for kidding.

It can also be a time for serious reflection, though. In some of the oldest traditions, this was the time of the New Year, a time to remember and honor the past while looking toward the mysterious future. A seat was saved at table for the departed loved ones. Goods were sought and set aside for the coming winter. It was very much an Anything Is Possible kind of time.

Let this be your Anything Is Possible kind of time. Honor your past and respect what it has taught you, look forward and prepare for what is to come, but live today. Never forget to live today.

And never forget to have fun! Look around you. Do you see all of those spectacular costumes? Do you hear all of that laughter? Can you feel the excitement? Join the children, laugh with the children, and remember, sometimes they understand better than we do. They haven't forgotten the important stuff.

If you're out and about, please be careful and pay attention. Children may still remember some important stuff, but Watch Where You're Going when excited often isn't on the list. Let's keep it fun and safe for everyone, and have a very Happy Halloween.

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