Sunday, June 12, 2016

Orlando Tragedy

Those of us who tend to sleep in on Sunday are waking up to some horrific news out of Orlando, Florida. Before you start using that to further an agenda (and I've seen three already this morning - three separate agendas that are even contrary to each other - let that sink in for a moment), take a moment to remember the lives involved, those lost and those left behind to deal with the loss. I know that we each have our own ideas on how to fix these problems, but maybe just once we can set aside our egos instead, stop being so pig-headedly convinced of our own rightness, and just be there for each other. Who knows? Maybe we wouldn't even have to try to solve these problems so often if we just tried that option a bit more often. Just a thought. All of our thoughts and sympathies go out to the victims and families in Orlando. Nothing we say can make this better, but we're here for you, however we can be, in what little ways that may be. Siochan leat. Peace be with you.

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