Tuesday, May 31, 2016

I Believe In Heroes

I believe in Heroes.

I’m not talking about your favorite Second Grade teacher or that person who quietly changed your life. Those people and many like them are all heroes, each in their own ways, but that’s not what I mean.

I’m talking about Heroes. Capital H.

There’s nothing quiet about Heroes and you know when you’ve met one. You may not define it as such at the time – you may not put the word to it – but you know when a Hero is present.

It’s possible – maybe even probable – that you’ve never met one. Heroes are an endangered species these days. They’ve been relegated to Fairy Tales and yarns from the Good Old Days. But I believe in Heroes.

I have to believe in Heroes because I cannot contemplate a world without them. It’s just too horrifying. A world without Heroes is quiet and dull. It lacks motivation and it lacks champions. A world without Heroes has surrendered itself to the Darkness.

Those other heroes, they’re great people and the world needs them. They deserve the recognition they get, on those rare occasions when they get it at all, but they’re not enough. A little bit of hero-ing can do amazing things, but the world is a big and mighty place. It needs big and mighty Heroes.

I believe in Heroes. I believe that Heroes are an example that things can be better than they are, that people can be better than they are. I believe that we need Heroes almost as much as we need water and air.

The world is moving in a dark direction. Things, in many ways, are more dangerous than they ever have been before. I believe that one reason for this is that we have lost our faith in Heroes. Heroes can survive without faith, but they require faith to thrive. We have lost our faith in Heroes and, because of this, Heroes are a dying breed.

We have placed a greater premium on peace and stability than on doing the right thing. We have forgotten that sometimes doing the right thing requires shaking up peace and stability. It is almost physically painful for a Hero to not do the right thing, even for such reasons as peace and stability. This means that the world we are creating is quite uncomfortable for Heroes. The shortage of Heroes that is resulting from this will create a world that is quite uncomfortable for everyone else.

I believe in Heroes. I believe that Heroes are critical for the well-being of this world. I believe that we have lost faith in Heroes and, because of this, we are losing Heroes. I believe that we need Heroes and so we need faith in Heroes. I believe that if we can reclaim our faith in Heroes, we can reclaim our Heroes. I believe that we must do everything we possibly can to restore the idea of the Hero to prominence in the modern mind. I believe that we can again see an Age of Heroes if we only believe in Heroes.

I believe in Heroes.

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