Friday, January 15, 2016

TGIF 1-15-16

Happy Friday everyone. I hope 2016 is treating you well so far, and even more, I hope that you are treating you well so far in 2016. We’re off at a gallup here at Frequently Interrupted, and I want to give you some updates that you might find interesting. As always, your input is not just appreciated, but invaluable. Let me know your thoughts as we proceed to make this our community going forward.

I’ve mentioned before that I am still learning to use the various social media platforms to best effect, and that is going to be a big push for the beginning of this year. I think I have all of the big ones covered now, and I am working on getting them all tied together in a way that works well for what each one specifically needs. My goal in that department is twofold: I want a minimalist approach that accomplishes the best results for both me, as an individual, and for Frequently Interrupted, as a whole. It is important to me that these platforms help to get the word out as far as they can go, but it is equally important that managing the platforms not become a job in itself. While I often say “we” when discussing FI (and “we” does include Heather, who helps with editing and brainstorming), most of the work here is a one-man-show, and I don’t anticipate that changing any time in the foreseeable future. The more time I put into managing the tools, the less time I can spend on actually using those tools, so we do want to avoid that imbalance. I know that some of you have far more experience with some of these platforms than I have, so please don’t hesitate to let me know if you see me making a mistake or doing something with them that could be better done in some other way. You won’t hurt my feelings. Count on that.

The platform that we use the most, and the one that is the most dedicated to Frequently Interrupted, is our Facebook page. That page is the only part of our social media suite right now that is used exclusively for Frequently Interrupted, because it’s the one where I can switch back and forth between individual and official with the least amount of effort. I don’t have to manage two separate logins. This is the page where I make all FI announcements, and link all FI posts. If you follow this page, you will never miss anything done or promoted by Frequently Interrupted. If you only connect to or share one FI platform, this is the one I would recommend, as this is the best way to not miss anything. This is also the one where I do the most tracking, so it’s the one you’ll see me report on the most.

The second best platform for not missing anything is Twitter (follow us with @MyInterruption). You actually won’t miss any FI announcements or news this way, because I have it set up so that everything posted on the Facebook page is automatically sent out to Twitter as well, but you may get more than just FI announcements and news. I don’t want more than one Twitter account, so this is technically both my account, as an individual, and the account for Frequently Interrupted, as a whole. I almost never tweet as an individual, so that won’t usually make much of a difference, but I do use this Twitter account to follow bands and writers I like, so some of the retweets won’t be FI-specific. That technicality is the only thing that makes this the second best platform so, if you don’t mind getting the rare personal tweets along with the FI tweets, this one works great. I had never used Twitter before starting all of this, so I’ve been figuring out what it has and what it can do. If you know any tricks, or have a good follow, pass them my way.

I use and enjoy Pinterest, but that one is definitely a joint operation. I have no interest in having to log in and out to go back and forth between my stuff and the FI stuff, so you will definitely find all kinds of options if you go to my root account on Pinterest. There is an FI-specific board, where I upload many of the images and quotes used on the blog. If you use Pinterest, please share these around to help raise awareness. I would greatly appreciate it. Plus, I have several other boards that you might find interesting. There are a few that are along the same lines, philosophically (Yep!, Everything Zen, and Yoga and Meditation), plus too many to list for an assortment of artistic and geeky fun interests.

I just recently set up Instagram, and I feel like it told me, “You are the last person from Facebook to sign up. Would you like to go ahead and add everyone who got here before you?” I might have been a little late to the party, and I haven’t done much with it so far. It’s another one that is for both me and Frequently Interrupted, but I use it mainly to upload the images used in the blog posts. Again, if you could spread these around to raise awareness, that would be wonderful. I just changed the profile name to myinterruption, to better align across platforms, and please let me know if you have any ideas for how to make better use of this. The final platform we’re using to help get the word out is Google+, and that one is really just my personal page that we happen to share all of the FI stuff too. Again, I don’t want to have to log out and in to manage these things, so that seems to be the best option. You won’t miss any blog through this one, because I share them all, but I haven’t yet explored all of the options here, so it doesn’t usually get any of the other announcements.

While I don’t think they technically qualify as social media platforms, I also want to take a moment to spotlight some of the funding ideas we’re exploring.

We have our Patreon account set up, so you can sponsor us if you feel that appropriate. Nothing will ever be required, but anything helps. I know it is customary to offer extras and bonuses to Patreon sponsors, but I honestly don’t have any ideas what we might do for that. I don’t have art of videos or anything of that sort, and I already share all updates with you as I have them. Thoughts?

I just spent an entire weekend setting up a small shop at Cafe Press. It’s basic t-shirts and coffee mugs and things of that sort, with the Frequently Interrupted logo, so that you can show your support and have something to show for it. Right now, I have only uploaded products with the basic black logo, but I intend to upload additional color options as I have time. I have a few other ideas as well, but I’m not terribly artistic, so working through those ideas and getting them to look right takes a bit of time.

We are always open to other ideas for getting the word out and funding this project. I would love to see this grow and grow, and I depend on your help to make that happen. Thank you for all of the support so far, and I look forward to your continuing support in the future. If you have any ideas, let me know. We also gladly accept any comments you might care to leave. Thank you for coming along with us, and let’s see what else we can accomplish.

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