Friday, October 23, 2015

TGIF - 10-23-15

Today is the last full day for our Trash Bags are for Trash fundraiser, so I hope you will help us bring this in for a successful landing. Children going into foster care are going through a tremendous amount of turmoil, and losing so much of what they know and love. If they get to bring anything with them at all, they have to throw their possessions into whatever is handy, which is usually nothing more than a trash bag. The psychological ramifications of that action can be traumatizing. We can’t make foster care easy but, with your help, we can smooth some of the edges. Help us to help Together We Rise donate proper suitcases to children going into foster care. It’s a small piece that can make a big difference to a kid struggling with loss and identity issues. Anything helps, and we certainly thank you for any help you can provide.

While you are hopefully feeling generous, let me take a moment to remind you of our Patreon account. If you like what we are doing here at Frequently Interrupted, please consider subscribing to help us keep the lights on. Nothing will ever be required, but everything is appreciated. Thank you for your consideration. Foster licensing is moving forward. Our class is complete, as are most of the interviews. There are, of course, still processes to go, but the end is in site, at least for the licensing portion. Thank you for your continued thoughts and support in that regard.

Next week is Halloween. We love Halloween around here, and usually go all out for decorations and costumes, but we might be a little scaled down this year. Between everything else going on and the weather (Remember when I was asking for rain? We got it!), we haven’t had as much opportunity to put everything together, but we haven’t stopped yet. I'll be pulling everything out this weekend and seeing what I can do on short notice. I can be pretty resourceful when I want to be. We won't go without, at the very least, as long as my little cemetery doesn't wash away. The spider webs might be out of luck this year. We'll have to see. Keep your eyes open and maybe I’ll get some pictures shared. (Pumpkin image courtesy of

Have a great weekend, and we will see you Monday!

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