Friday, July 17, 2015

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Attentive readers will note that I have already given an informal plug for and the larger project they are currently backing, Donate Life Echo 2015, earlier this week. I had debated with myself whether or not to give them the TGIF spotlight, because they are a region-specific organization (in this case, that region being a fairly large portion of Texas), but I ultimately decided that the message they offer is far larger than the region they serve, and it is a message well worth sharing in any form available. Plus, while I am more familiar with LifeGift, the larger project is not regional. So call it a two-for-one special.

I personally know people whose lives have been touched by this and, while I would not dream to speak for them, I have seen the benefit from an outsider’s perspective, and encourage everyone to get involved.

From the About Us section on their website, LifeGift was established in 1987 as Gulf Coast Independent Organ Procurement Organization and is the designated organ procurement organization (OPO) for North, Southeast and West Texas. Aside from facilitating the lifesaving processes involved in organ and tissue donation, LifeGift also works toward education the public on the importance of such programs, and works with the families who are making these donations, to help them through such a difficult time. That last one is a part of this process that is so often overlooked when people think of organ and tissue donation, and the effort that LifeGift puts into helping families heal after a devastating loss cannot be overstated.

If you have not signed up to be an organ and tissue donor, please consider signing up today, through whatever facilities exist where you live. If you are in Texas, is a wonderful place to start. For a more national view, visit In either case, any help you can offer will be greatly appreciated. Every little bit helps.

Thank you.

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